Via Allegro Ristorante

Via Allegro Ristorante

Chef Marco Prepares Agnolotti by Hand on the Cheese Wheel

Introducing Chef Marco Zandona, known for his craft, dedication, and 19 years as being the head chef at Via Allegro Ristorante,

creating and innovating many Italian recipes. One of his more renowned dishes is the Ricotta Agnolotti, which

is hand-made with fresh ingredients daily. Join us as we explore the artistry and passion behind Chef Marco and the renowned Ricotta Agnolotti.


The pasta dough is freshly made each day using 100% yolks, adding richness to each bite.

Via Allegro - Agnolotti made fresh

After getting everything prepped, the dough is laminated to add some structure to it. Delicately filling each pocket with creamy ricotta and sealing it with a simple and iconic pinch that speaks volumes of tradition and skill. Intricate yet satisfying, as the pasta emerges from the boiling water, it awaits the embrace of the rich and creamy sauce.

With the stage set, prepare yourself for a theatrical tableside finish unlike any other. The anticipation grows as you can smell the aroma of aged Parmigiano-Reggiano wafting through the air. As the flames dance and the cheese begins to melt, you know the show has started, as each flicker illuminates the room. Your taste buds can’t wait much longer as the mesmerizing show comes to an end. Finally, as the flames fade away, revealing the final masterpiece, the anticipation has reached its peak. After it’s plated, there’s no better way to finish it off than with some freshly grated truffle, adding a deeper punch of umami throughout the dish.

So why wait? Book your reservation today and see what all the commotion is about with our Cheese Wheel Agnolotti.