The Art of Pasta Making: Traditional Techniques and Modern Twists

Pasta. A word that brings joy to many and memories of warm family dinners and gourmet experiences. But have you ever wondered about the artistry behind creating this beloved dish? Welcome to our in-depth guide on pasta making, where we blend time-honoured traditions with contemporary innovations. Whether you’re a pasta lover, foodie, or home cook, […]

What Is A Wine Bar?

Wine bars are a haven for enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, offering a unique blend of sophisticated ambiance and curated selections. Unlike regular bars or restaurants, wine bars focus primarily on offering an extensive variety of wines by the glass or bottle, accompanied by expert recommendations and often small, complementary dishes. The history of wine […]

Chef Marco Prepares Agnolotti by Hand on the Cheese Wheel

Introducing Chef Marco Zandona, known for his craft, dedication, and 19 years as being the head chef at Via Allegro Ristorante, creating and innovating many Italian recipes. One of his more renowned dishes is the Ricotta Agnolotti, which is hand-made with fresh ingredients daily. Join us as we explore the artistry and passion behind Chef […]

Via Allegro’s Signature Dish – Truffled Mushroom Risotto

Via Allegro - Mushroom risotto

At Via Allegro, we believe that every meal should be a feast for the senses, and our signature dish, Truffled Mushroom Risotto, is no exception. Made with the finest ingredients and expertly crafted by Executive Chef Marco Zandona, this indulgent dish is a celebration of Italian cuisine at its finest. The Perfect Marriage of Flavors […]

Private Dining Services at Via Allegro Ristorante

Via Allegro - Private Dining

Welcome to Via Allegro, where we bring your culinary dreams to life in our exclusive private dining space. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or hosting a corporate event, our team is dedicated to ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Tailored to Perfection: At Via Allegro, we understand that every event is […]

What makes Via Allegro a destination for Sundays?

Looking for the perfect Sunday getaway nestled in the heart of Etobicoke? Via Allegro offers a variety of Italian delicacies with some innovative flair from other cuisines around the world, making sure there is something for everyone. Whether you’re craving classic pasta, fresh seafood, or indulgent desserts, Via Allegro promises to turn your regular Sunday […]

The Art of Branzino with Aqua Pazza and Clams


In the culinary world, certain dishes stand as testaments to the chef’s artistry and the richness of the cuisine they represent. The Branzino with Aqua Pazza and Clams is one such dish, encapsulating the essence of Italian coastal cooking. At Via Allegro, we pride ourselves on crafting this exquisite dish, which combines the delicate flavors […]

Where to Enjoy the Best Fine Dining in Etobicoke?

Outdoor Fine Dining

Via Allegro Ristorante has been a staple in Etobicoke’s dining scene for over 20 years. Since opening its doors, Via Allegro has served classic Italian cuisine with a modern and innovative twist. Our restaurant offers an exceptional fine dining experience, with its sophisticated and elegant ambiance, delectable dishes, and exquisite wines. Our Greater Toronto Area […]